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Marty, you have been such a great steward of the Celebrity Series - stewardship is about taking the best of what is, and making it live on through the very best performers. And living on not only in the fabulous audiences that have gathered, for many years in concert halls, but also beyond, into the minds and imaginations of young people

Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist

SnowHill Strategies works intensively with performing arts and philanthropic organizations. We support the development of resilient, sustainable organizations that provide enduring community value.

SnowHill Strategies balances innovation with tradition. We take deep dives, beginning with the big picture and honing down to the core issues. We work together with clients to develop strategies and implementation plans that have measurable goals and outcomes based on clear benchmarks.

Organizations and foundations that invest in programs rich in innovation, that build robust infrastructure - including strong product development, funding criteria, sturdy information technology and financial systems - are those organizations and foundations most likely to succeed, and most likely to create substantial economic and social impact in the communities they serve.